Flying solo.

I’m scheduled to take a quickie business trip to New York this week – sans bebe and not pregnant, which makes it the first time that’s happened in two years. Fun fact: I’ve taken 5 of those kinds of trips to the States since summer of 2008.

Here is a list I compiled of all the things you can hope to do when you travel alone:

  • You can use the hand scanner at passport control in Ben Gurion.
  • You can at least hope for a quiet flight.
  • You can have a window seat.
  • You can take drugs to sleep on the plane.
  • You can pack light.
  • You don’t have to consider car seats when thinking about how you’re getting to your destination from the airport.
  • You can stay by BFFs in the city.
  • You can drink at conference parties.
  • You can manage your jet lag on your own terms.

Now all I have to hope is that this fever and stomach bug I somehow managed to contract disappears before my flight.



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