For a few years I kept seeing the word ‘zumba’ in my Facebook feed…

Ahhh! Zumba!

Just came back from zuuumbaaa!!!

I <3 Zumba 4everz!!11!!1

And I’ve had no freakin clue what everyone has been saying.

Last week, I got an email advertising Zumba on Sunday nights right here in cozy little Tzur Hadassah. So I had to break the curiosity and go.

Ok, here’s the thing: Lately, I’ve been feeling really… old. Sure, I’m chillin’ in my late 20s, but it’s a state of mind. I don’t exercise, gravity is pointing it’s forefinger at me and I find myself saying things like, “Wait till your father gets home…”

So if you’re feeling old, what better way to youthen up than to dance-aerobics to spicy Latin hip hop?

In an open school yard?

While 11-year-old boys watch you?

Israeli Zumba: It’s you, gloriously uncoordinated you, and a bunch of 40/50 year olds, sweating your hearts out at the local school, loud Spanish speakers blasting while a Russian hottie makes you move your hips in naughty ways, an audience of a dozen grade school boys on the verge of puberty watching (possibly filming, who can be sure?) – and a few actually join in behind you.

Zumba!!1!1!! I’m going back next week.





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