Bo, mama.

I  may correct your Hebrew now, but sometime in the future – possibly the near future – you will be correcting mine.






3 responses to “Bo, mama.”

  1. dinah Avatar

    I know, my three year old niece has already started to correct my hebrew, and she even tries to help me with the reading by showing me pictures. It is so sweet.. I am looking forward to when we can speak English and Hebrew together!

  2. Mel Avatar


    As a mother of 3 trilingual children, I would like to recommend you the rule that was recommended to me when we started introducing more languages in our kids life.
    One language per person, i.e., my kids speak French with their father and grand-parents, English with me and between themselves and Hebrew with the rest of the world :-) .
    That enables a young child to clearly differenciate between languages, and therefore master all the languages instead of mixing them up.

    1. elie Avatar

      Thanks for the advice, Mel. I also heard that advice and pretty much stick to it. Hope it all sorts itself out…

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