Rude awakening.

Ventured outside today for the first time since Bebe was born. I hated having to get in the car with my five-day-old daughter to drive into the center of Jerusalem and visit, of all places, Misrad Hapnim (ahem) (and here’s why). The idea of city-center air up her nostrils alone makes me sad.

But really, the biggest and most unfortunate shock is leaving the comfort and safety of your home after a healing house arrest and… risking your lives by car.

How many times in a 30-minute drive can carelessness happen around you? Cars crossing over you to turn, rocks hitting your window from a construction site, U-turn in the middle of a highway, a driver stopped in the middle of the road to chat with another driver…

And that’s just when my eyes weren’t down to avoid facing it all.

Well, it was a nice five-day vacation. Now back to my mommy-newborn cocoon.


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