Nothing like Chabad gan to start the year off righteous.

Like anything religious ever at all, the Chabad gan in Tzur Hadassah comes with its share of politics. Residents are wary over a charedi takeover. Some of the dati-leumi are at odds with the representatives.

But me? I just love their gan. They run a tinokiya (baby daycare), peuton (toddler daycare) and gan chova (kindergarten). The two younger groups are together in the same building this year (a residential house in the new yishuv), and the latter has a facility in the old yishuv.

The ganenets are great, and the truth is, I’m a pretty laid-back parent. So we all mesh together very nicely, and agree where it counts for the most part.

The thing that really gets me spreading the word, though, is the extra mile they go. And, sure, they have Chabad cash to back them up (which probably helps keep the tuition low). But whatever. It’s the extra effort and finishing touches…

I mean, printed magnets with our kid’s angelic smiling face on them? Honey jar with a little apple glued to the top… And I’ll never turn down a shana tova chocolate bar.

Here’s to a sweet, healthy year, bound with security on all sides and, with whatever’s left, as much comfort as affordable.





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