Patriotism through the eyes of a kid.

A couple days ago, unsure of whether my son’s gan would cover it extensively, I started teaching him about Yom Haatzmaut myself.

Which actually just meant teaching him the word דגל.

Yesterday, he discovered the Israeli flag in our house… the very one we had been talking about. That made him mildly excited and less skeptical that I’m just spewing useless information half the time.

On the way to gan today, through streets covered in flags, lamp posts draped in flags, homes decorated in flags – he just. couldn’t. believe. it.

At every turn, at every new kikar, he squealed in laughter and cries of ‘degels! degel! more degel! DEGELS EVERYWHERE!’


And lest you become concerned with there being yet another zealous zionist in the world, well… I’m pretty sure it was more about the wonderment at there being so many of something he just learned exists.






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