Ready to be president, Louis CK?

Maybe it’s the wine I’m buzzed on, maybe it’s the political fatigue, it’s really the latter, I’ve actually given this thought.

But I didn’t vote for Obama in this election.

I didn’t vote for Romney, either.

I voted for you, Louis CK.

Yes, you. Observationalist extraordinaire. Parenting comic relief to the newly initiated. The guy who waits for the cell phones to come back from space. You.

Look, my absentee ballot doesn’t count. We have a ridiculous electoral system. And I’m from New York state. We all know how that will go down. And I’m frustrated with the candidates, with their rhetoric, with politics. And the whole country’s election will come down to one state anyway. The electoral system is ridiculous, and the candidates are ridiculous.

Did I mention it’s just ridiculous?

So, in my frustration this year, I cast a write-in ballot.

And I wrote in you, Louis.

[P.S. – If you reside in the US and are voting on Nov 6, please do so responsibly. Not that I know what that means. But you know. Go figure it out.]



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