H&M will exchange old clothes for store vouchers – even in Israel!

Yay, retail!

Looks like H&M has its new years resolutions in order and is starting a new program called iCollect, launching February 2013, to take your old clothes for recycling/reprocessing in exchange for store vouchers. So hand over a bag of used clothes -> get some H&M rewards.

Seems the program will be worldwide, including all of the brand’s 48 markets, so that’s great news for H&M Israel shoppers! We don’t often get awesome no friar opportunities like that from corporate chains.

Also, it sure beats stuffing our old stained crap in those yellow sidewalk bins.

This is really amazing news; the clothing industry wastes tons of resources every year by manufacturing too much and destroying what’s left unused. There’s simply too much clothing floating around – manufactured cheaply, discarded carelessly.

FYI: Keep in mind – this stuff will be destroyed and re-used to manufacture. It’s a great cause, but if you have some real worthy stuff, why not donate to charity so that less fortunate people have the opportunity to look fabulous?

(h/t to you, momma, via Budget Fashionista)





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