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Do it for the Anglo teens: Sponsor my 10k run for Team Crossroads

Hello, it’s that time of year again where I get off my ass, get motivated by some grace of god, and run a 10k and then feel awesome about myself (then stop and procrastinate another 3-6 months).

This time, I’ll run as part of the Jerusalem Marathon, and I’m going to do it as a member of Team Crossroads.

Crossroads is a safe-haven for Anglo immigrant teens in Jerusalem; often their families have made aliyah to Israel but the kids come from dysfunctional homes or have major difficulty adjusting to their new setting. They’ll turn to Crack Square and lose the way. In their words…

Crossroads provides critically-needed programs and social services for at-risk English-speaking youth in Israel that are homeless, struggling with drug addiction, violence and domestic abuse, as well as social, emotional and educational difficulties. Crossroads offers an alternative to the streets, with the aim of instilling every at-risk teen with hope, motivation, tools, and a direction for a better future.

No need to get specific about why this organization strikes a cord; I’ve heard local friends tell their tales of Jerusalem Anglo immigrants in their teen years. Someday my kids will become teenagers (you mean they aren’t now?!) and I’ll be thankful there’s an English-speaking team of social workers and therapists out there on hand to guide their peers…

I’ve pledged a modest $180; I’d love to reach it and I’d love to surpass it; the organization is looking to collectively reach $25,000. Thanks on behalf of Team Crossroads for any help/inspiration you can give!

Sponsor my 10k and help Crossroads continue!