IKEA-Lack-table-turned-unicorn: a DIY glazed love rainbow paper tape story

This is the story about how I turned a neglected white side table into a unicorn.

Our story starts a few years ago, when we picked up a cheap IKEA Lack table on clearance. I knew one day I’d have my chance to make it shine.

But I took too long and a month ago huz threatened to get rid of it if I didn’t start shining. I looked for ideas – so many IKEA Lack table hack ideas! – and found this one: How to turn a white table into a rainbow. I had a white table! And a love for rainbows! And from there I found this version – cheaper supplies – and got to work.


  • One IKEA Lack side table
    • Color doesn’t matter; mine happened to be white. A while back I got a deal – picked it up in the clearance section for just 30 NIS or US$8.50! For around these parts, where it retailed double that, pretty good deal.
  • Colorful paper tape/washi tape
    • I used the former – Kid Made Modern from Target, for about $7 a set of 9 color rolls. Cheaper than washi. I used a full set and approx another half.
  • Mod Podge
    • I used 2 coats of Super Gloss, 3/4 of the 8 fl. oz bottle. Should cost around 10 bucks in the US. Cost me 50 NIS here (sigh).
  • Misc:
    • brush for Mod Podge glazing
    • mat for Mod Podge glazing
    • a smaller table to put the Lack table top for glazing
    • whatever the eff you find helpful for screwing in stubborn Lack table legs
    • a couple hours
    • moderate amount of patience

This is a super-easy, relaxing glue-high inducing, relatively affordable, and somewhat kid-friendly (older kid – tape, younger kid – glaze) furniture project. I’m hoping the glazed top will hold; that’s why I went with the super kind, so I can wash with soap and water when necessary.

Go on, make your own fabulous unicorn table!


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