Gush Etzion Night Run: a decent kickoff for a big year ahead

….and we’re back!

Last night I had a ‘milestone’ run:

  • first official run since baby
  • first (part) trail run
  • beat my PR
  • if had been a proper 10k, it would have been under an hour

All things considered, I’m in better shape than I thought. It was definitely tough to trail run, especially when I didn’t know what to expect. That’s something I can work on though.

As far as the night run itself – I’m learning again that Sportweb makes a less organized effort than Shvoong, and details like – hey, starting times – can change at any time. So lower your expectations if you’re going for a Sportweb event.

It had been promoted as a memorial run in honor of the three Israeli teens kidnapped and killed this past summer – except at the event, there was no mention. It was a nice thought though.

Can’t wait till the next one…






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