Birthing in Israel

On my quest to explore pregnancy and giving birth in general, and specifically in Israel – and even more specifically, in Jerusalem – I’ve collected information and kept my experiences jotted down.

Birthing experience

Hospitals/Birthing locations/Home birth

Here is some more info about doing a home birth in Israel:

There are a few English and Hebrew resources that can be helpful on your search for info:

Birthing class

Furniture/Baby supplies

After buying some things new, being given gifts, and getting a ton of stuff second hand, I find that when it comes to baby stuff, more often than not second hand is great. A lot of the stuff you end up with you don’t actually need or you learn you don’t need it to be brand spankin’ new. Certain things you want to keep for future kids – strollers, car seats – better to invest in a bit of quality (whether first or second hand). But tons of toys and clothes and furniture can be just as great and save you a ton when buying from previous owners.