mind, body, conscience

i'm really stressed out. i want things to go back to the way they were. is that jaded of me? am i too young to be jaded? is it too late to care?the world is really really stressing me out, politics is grating on my nerves. i want the election to be over but i... Continue Reading →

a real israel update:

huge connection!so in August i met this guy who works in the Prime Minister's office; he made aliyah 5 years ago from the US and served in the army and is now working his way up the tangled web of Israeli government. i got his card back then and called him today...anyways, he is pretty... Continue Reading →

just a crush

i'm such a weirdo.so where i work, we deal with a lot of international clients. i was just looking up Limerick, Ireland, and I turned past it to Bat-Yam, Israel. and my heart skipped all tingly, like when you think about your birthday or latest crush.why don't i get excited about my birthday or boys??

life after aliyah

we forget that there is life after aliyah. after marriage. after attacks. after death.you spend years planning things. so many plans. what will you do for a living? where will you live? will you like your living?will you live?i've taken hours and days upon myself planning for the next couple of years but i've never... Continue Reading →

ma inyanim

Morah Wechter, Mrs. Eisenberger, Giveret Haramati HaYikarot;I do hope you have all been fairing well.I was accepted into Ulpan Etzion for January 2005. Exciting, isn't it?Oh, you mean you don't understand why I would need to re-learn hebrew after all the hebrew teaching you've administered into my head?Hmm, perhaps you should note that my intense... Continue Reading →

i think?

you stand by your country like a loyal brother or a dutiful son. when you think your country wrongs, you support it because it's part of you. and if you are especially bound to your country and countrymen, that support will come through in the form of sincere guidance, wise council, and a clear head.that... Continue Reading →

reply to ben's reply to my Snapple-rape entry

i couldn't reply in the same post, so here is the reply from before - if you're not a fan of political conversations, patriotism, or cheese, don't continue. you've been warned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanna reply jovially but I cant. You want us to be proud of our wastefulness and indifference? You lecture on rape and... Continue Reading →

clarification #219

let me clarify. be proud of where you come from. you don't come from a place that represses you on a daily basis. you have so many options and all that other cliche american fantasyness.no, let me clarify. you walk in a store and you can AFFORD to spend a whole 20 minutes choosing which... Continue Reading →

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