Waiting for Israeli 2007.

I'm not one to proactively celebrate Sylvestor or New Year's or however one may refer to it... But I thought this was a cute marker to take Israel from the kishkush that was 2006 into the ??? that is 2007....Sorry, it's in Hebrew.

Israel activism 2.0

What happened to the good old days, when you'd stay up until 4:30 a.m. in the Hillel office designing posters and copying fliers for the next morning's defending-Israel rally?Well, as times change, it seems things get easier. Or at least more organized. StandWithUs is an organization dedicated to defending and promoting Israel and her affairs... Continue Reading →

Today is the Tenth of Tevet.

I have nothing profound to say about today, which is the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet ('Tevet' being the fourth month of the Jewish calendar, 'Tenth' being the tenth day of said-month, and 'Fast' being what we Jews do on sad days because we eat too much on happy days).What I am lacking in... Continue Reading →

Arabs and guns.

I don't get it. Call me culturally ignorant.Why do I always see photographs of Arabs celebrating or protesting or mourning, always with guns present or being shot into the air?Anti Saddam Iraqis celebrating his death. (NYTimes) Pro Saddam Iraqis protesting his death. (NYTimes)If it's a cultural thing, I don't get it, and I'd love for... Continue Reading →

What is NOT a cease-fire.

Does anyone hear something wrong with this Jerusalem Post headline from yesterday?Palestinians: Israeli attacks on Kassams 'will end cease-fire'Guys? Do you call continuous launching Kassams over the border to the Negev a cease-fire? What about the two seriously injured teenage boys who couldn't get to a shelter in time on Tuesday? Is that a cease-fire?... Continue Reading →

Today's word: שלג (snow)

An oldie, but always a fun one. Anyone who wasn't asleep in Hebrew school knows this one, too:שלג = sheleg = snowI bring it up because, oddly enough, this is a popular name for dogs in this country. Well, two kinds of dogs:1. White dogs.2. Black dogs.A white dog named "sheleg" exposes either a lack... Continue Reading →

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