Today's Word: Senior/בכיר.

In the past week I have read articles and received emails concerning the strike-affected academic schedule and peppered among all of them is the word בכיר (bachir), meaning ‘senior’, as in ‘senior professor’.

Only senior professors are striking, because they are the ones being affected by the paycheck problems. Other professors get paid according to a different system and so they are beginning the academic year this week.

The strike of the senior professors began yesterday and is well into its second day. I begin class today; I’d say ‘classes’ but one of them is canceled while the other is not.

That’s because, well, you guessed it: one of my professors is בכיר while the other is just plain… teaching.





  1. Bercko21 Avatar

    You can call the regular ones “junior Professors”, in hebrew junior is “zutar” –
    I hope this is interesting :)

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