Conflict students vs. WordPress geeks.

I’ve been spending today at WordCamp Israel 2007, a conference focused on bloggers, blogging, and of course, bloggers blogging using WordPress.

It’s being held in Michlelet Afeka, a small engineering college in Tel Aviv, so part of me feels like I’m in school. I don’t mind, as long as it’s not a university located in Ramat Gan that starts with a ‘B’.

The interesting thing is that I’m so used to being in Israeli lectures on conflict management, conflict resolution, negotiation, etc. The students are very argumentative and the classes are intense.

Now I get to be in a lecture hall with 100% absolutely adorable Israeli geeks. They make jokes, they wear swag t-shirts, they are chilled out. They are clearly not conflict management students.

It’s a nice break.

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