Is spam cultural?

Isn’t it kind of funny that different cultures – aside from having different foods, traditions and rituals – also have different spam?

Once in a while I glance over my spam folder and usually about 40% of the subject lines are in Hebrew. The Israeli spam is also different because it seems to cover a wider range of topics. There is less mortgages and enlargements and more offerings for homeopathic therapy, trips to India and gym memberships. I think it really says a lot about the people in Israeli society.

Israeli spam email

I don’t think Hebrew spam is a reason to get all teary-eyed and exclaim, “This is the Jewish dream! Spam in our very own ancient, Biblical language!” But it is kinda cool to realize that this fairly new version of our ancient homeland has a complete society with all the good and bad.

On the other hand – Israel has its own spam and doesn’t have normal bank hours/customer service/a decent Internet company? What kind of society is this?





  1. lena Avatar

    No normal internet company? How dare you? What about the tuki’s?
    Actually though their last take on the tuki, where he’s a guru floating in the air (“The Master of the Internet”) is kinda funny (I think it’s the first funny one ever). Have you seen it?

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