Public service announcement: better sherut!

Today I was on the 18, on the way to the bus station in Jerusalem. As the bus pulled up past the Beit Shemesh sherut que, I couldn’t help but daydream of a time, one day, when Jerusalem would have a better sherut system.

Sherut literally means service, but I can’t help but feel like they are not doing their best ’round these parts. In Jerusalem, there are three kinds of sherut-taxis you can take – Tel Aviv, located off Yaffo in town, Beit Shemesh, at the bus station, and Bnei Brak, up Strauss.

Why can’t there be a depot? Like in Tel Aviv, wouldn’t it make more sense if they were all located outside the bus station, so that if you miss your bus, you could catch one there? (Actually, I realize having them spread out makes sense but I do think their ought to be a link to the bus station. It’s central, it’s logical.)

Waiting in line for security after getting off the 18, I kept hearing this voice in the background, shouting in the middle of the street. Finally I realized what it was saying: “Tel Aviv! Moniyot sherut! Tel Aviv!”

An alternative sherut service to Tel Aviv has been started across the street from the bus station by Kaviim bus lines. Now I just need for the Bnei Brak one to come out of hiding on Strauss and I’m set to go.





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