I am not a stationary creature.

Over the past few months, I've been watching people come and go from Israel. I haven't been back to New York in over a year and it's nearly a year since I left the country at all. If you take a look at my past passports, you know that's a bit insane. At this point,... Continue Reading →

ICQ Toothpaste: Because you never know.

The Israeli hi tech world is alive and...  brushing. Gizmodo posted that the Israeli software company that created ICQ, the instant messenger we all lost our virginity to, teamed up with an Israeli pharmaceutical company and together have created this bad boy of a Frankenstein: That's right, ICQ toothpaste. Why, you inevitably ask? The Israeli... Continue Reading →

Ynet thinks it's Monday.

I'm working really hard to get through this busy week and come out the other end at Purim, and Ynet is trying to hold me back: C'mon guys. It's March 18th, Tuesday. I busted my chops to get here, and I'll be damned if you try and take me back to yesterday.

Today's word: תאונת דרכים

Here's what I get to listen to 45293436% of the time while driving home from school. It's a loosely translated sampling of the radio D.J. on Galgalatz reading the traffic report: "And now, the traffic. Folks, take it easy on the roads out there... We all want to get home safely, and we all need... Continue Reading →

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