Playing in our new backyard.

In an effort to clear the mind and explore new territory, we ventured into one of the 726548724 hiking trails around Tzur Hadassah in the Judean Hills this afternoon. It was a small park leading into the ‘backyard’ of a tiny yishuv called Nes Harim, which itself offers a cafe, horse back riding, a winery and more.

Judaen Hills

For two hours of activity, it was an absolutely incredible time. I just cannot get over the breathtaking land surrounding us here. These nature hikes are literally our backyard, and while we were there we were completely alone, wondering through avenues of peace and quiet.

We found caves along the trail; caves always make me think of ancestry and timelessness and life:

Nes Harim caves
Nes Harim

I know with time we’ll really come to explore a lot of these places in the area and fall in love again and again. It’s so completely not where I would have told you I saw myself at this point, but, even a month after relocating, I can’t imagine how I used to live.

Ein Karem Hills


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