Today's word: שוקו ולחמניה

It must be Israeli food day at work. They just brought us a classic Israeli snack, and as one coworker remarked, “what are we, in kindergarten?”

It’s שוקו ולחמניה, a white roll with “shoko b’sakit”, or chocolate milk in a bag:

shoko lachmania

I realize how weird that may sound, but I guess that weirdness was broken for me years ago when I spent a summer here and an Israeli friend of mine said we were getting breakfast and he walked into a makolet and came out with two white rolls and two bags of chocolate milk.






  1. crunchyspaceman Avatar

    I had a friend who grew up on Yod Vatah.

    Love that place…i think he used to milk the cows…or something.

  2. Yosef Avatar

    That’s awesome. Long live shoko baskit!

  3. lea Avatar

    this is an upgraded experience. When I grew up (in Israel) the roll was half the size and the shoko didn’t have the שפיץ

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