Tzur Hadassah is gymtastic!

Walking down the main avenue of cute little Tzur Hadassah, you will notice some park equipment on the side of the road. First time we noticed it my thinking was, "that's a dangerous place to have kids play." When we got to the 'park' we realized it was actually an 'adult park' - get your... Continue Reading →

City feature: Dead Sea

Last weekend, we took some R&R out in the dry heat and salt water of the Dead Sea. A vacation in the Dead Sea is really a vacation by an enormous hotel pool, with occasional dips in the oily, salty, burning sensation that is the Dead Sea. This, however, is less about the Dead Sea... Continue Reading →

Sex and the Holy City…

...and I'm not referring to Israeli TV show Srugim, although from what I've heard, maybe I should be. Riding on the bus through town today, I spotted this piece of culture sunbathing with all the rubble of the Yaffo - light rail construction site: The Kama Sutra in Hebrew. Even Jerusalemites need a few new... Continue Reading →

Breaking my sleep barrier.

I woke up this morning at a quarter to seven to an enormous boom right outside the bedroom window. I jerked my head up, like the deer in Bambi when the shots are fired in the forest. My first thought is, Oh shit they've bombed Beitar... My husband mumbles, "Don't worry about it," and my... Continue Reading →

When secrets become surreal.

It's been real hard keeping this baby stuff a secret from friends, coworkers, family. When the only person you have to talk about it with is your partner, and even he gets tired of your late-night online research about your body's minute-to-minute changes, it starts to become surreal. I mean, it's not just this little... Continue Reading →

It's a blessing, not a sickness.

Took my first pregnant blood test today. In Beitar. I find that they're used to this kind of thing already, so I can feel pretty confident under their care. Nurse was very kind and kept repeating, "Enjoy this! It's a blessing, not a curse! You're not sick, you're pregnant!" Figures she was Mizrachi...

Look at that jobless punim.

The Kadima primaries began this morning and will end in about 40 minutes. We'll know who gets the prize possession of being Ehud Olmert's successor (in technicality and not job skill, we hope). I wonder what he's got planned as soon as he's off-duty... Maybe he and Bush will go to Cancun together, smoke cigars. ... Continue Reading →

A wee bit of an overreaction, eh, JPost?

I suppose with the panic in the markets, a bit of hysteria is to be expected. But this might qualify as too much... A coworker sent over this image from today's Jerusalem Post; read the caption under the image to the left: A bit harsh, I'd say.

Bad example.

The thing about trying to get pregnant/being pregnant, is that you start to see pregnant women everywhere. This is probably true everywhere in the world, but when you're in Israel, you really are seeing them everywhere because out of all the demographics in Israel, the one thing they have in common - whether charedi, Arab,... Continue Reading →

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