Weather or not.

Last week the weather in Israel freaked out and it gave us (what seems like premature) rain, wind, chills, head colds… Well, premature in my opinion because it hasn’t been Succot yet and that’s when it’s supposed to happen in my head.

Now we’re a little obsessed with knowing what the next day will bring, since the new season has officially started. Since May, Israelis don’t have to think about it since the forecast is exactly the same every single day: hot, sunny, hot, sunny, hot, sunny. Makes for a more relaxed wedding season.

We’ve been mainly using For the most part, it tells you like it is. Until you try and use the icons they have for different weather scenarios…

Thundery stroms! You better watch out; that yellow stripe in the middle of outer space looks like it wants to get freaky with your outdoor pool.

The Rain Showers seem pretty tame; there’s no actual rain in sight.

Sleet actually doesn’t seem that bad; kind of like a drizzle of Heavy Snow.

Wouldn’t it be fun to just be walking down the street and see Windy gusting around you…

I’d watch out for the Heavy Rain, though – if you happen to be standing in that one spot where the rain comes down directly from the one cloud, you are – heavily – screwed.

And that Clear and Hot sun – wow. Who needs rose-colored glasses?

Local Rain can’t be that bad; it’s a burnt sunny-side up egg. Once in a while, you just have to deal with it, you know? (And what is the difference between Local Rain and Partly Cloudy?)

Personally, I’m hoping for High Cloud this week.






2 responses to “Weather or not.”

  1. Shelley Avatar

    but with such a clear visual guide how could any of those icons be misconstrued? hopefully the “thundery stroms” will hold off ’till after suckot! ;)

  2. RachelW Avatar

    Really funny. A great way to start my day.

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