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Ella Valley winery.

My father’s in town, and as I got my habit of fermented grape-consumption from somewhere, we took him over to Ella Valley winery.

The Ella Valley is just about my backyard, nestled in Matte Yehuda. It’s lush, it’s green, and according to the winery’s 6-minute propaganda video, it’s the perfect place to grow the right grapes to create premium, first class wine.

It was an excellent experience. We paid twenty shekel each for a thirty-minute tour (available in English) and then the wine-tasting. You get the twenty shekel back if you buy a bottle at the end.

The wine was excellent. Their products include red and white wines from two lines, Ella Valley (regular) and Vineyard Choice (upscale). My personal favorite? Probably the proprietary RR blend, although their dessert wine was probably the best Muscat I’ve ever had.

(And their website is the best I’ve seen in Israel so far…)