Today's word: אעזקה

So. That dysfunctional red alert siren (אעזקה) today in Jerusalem. Not cool, siren-maintance man. Not cool. 

I was sitting in my office and it very s l o w l y dawned on me that I was hearing a siren in the back of my head. I put my head to the window and realized I was hearing a siren! And Israel is in a state of war. And I was in Israel. And… 

It was dreamlike. I’m a very morbid person. There’s no reason to get into it. 

But this reverberates: I moved very slowly. For the first few seconds, I thought about everything; every second was like a ticking clock. 

Of course, it was a test a false alarm a technical malfunction. Which is what finally knocked me out of my dreamlike siren state. And onto the web, a flurry of Tweets and instant messages to attend to.







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