The Messiah: Oren Zarif-style.

If you are looking for a laugh - a reprieve from some annoyingly tedious Israeli political news lately - how about yet another Oren Zarif adventure: Healer hails TV personality Yaron London as official messiah If you ask Oren Zarif, a self-styled super-healer, the messiah has been here for some time. Meanwhile, the messiah continues... Continue Reading →

I need to be schooled.

Today we volunteered at a 'shuk kach-ten' - kind of a giant yard sale where you bring junk and take other people's junk. It was at the elementary school in Tzur Hadassah. It was also the first time I have entered an Israeli school while it was in session. Kids running everywhere. Not unlike my... Continue Reading →

An unlikely metaphor.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine something you've never done before. I imagine this impending adventure... to be similar to a bad trip I had many years ago.  A friend and I were spending a few days in Amsterdam. These were college years, so you can imagine what we were doing. The evening before we were... Continue Reading →

Usually not big on excuses, but…

I felt pretty bad about canceling my physio appointment this morning after waiting over two months since I first booked it with my kuppah. I felt worse for the people who are still waiting for their appointments  more than I felt bad for myself. I thought I'd get chewed out by the receptionist when I... Continue Reading →

Still got it though.

This morning, my husband dropped me off in front of my office and right before I opened the door to the car, I give him a quick kiss as is the morning routine. After we do this, I usually automatically peek around to see if anyone walking outside happened to see; maybe its modesty or... Continue Reading →

Preggo thoughts at 5:30 am.

Life lesson learned: a well-fed third trimester preggo is a well-rested third trimester preggo.  Unfortunately, I am not always good at being well-fed before bedtime. Which is why I'm up at 5:30 am feverishly munching on cereal and drinking lemonade. Perhaps I would have learned after the first time it happened.  I'm not a fan... Continue Reading →

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