Mother's Day.

People have been asking me, “how is to be a mom?” As a brand-new mother, I haven’t yet had a chance to think about what it is to be a mother. Not enough time, you see. 

In some places (not Israel) today is Mother’s Day, so maybe I should take a second and try to express what it is to be a mother; at least, a brand-new one.

So… there I was, wee hours of the morning, one minute pushing very hard to advance my child in the world (as a Jewish mom, first time of many, I’m sure) and the next minute I’m a mom. It was – wait, baby is crying, gotta go. 

And what is it like to be a father? I definitely can’t answer that one, but it is fun to do the laundry and notice a sweet (and clean) father-son moment:






Whadya got: