Koala update: fourteen weeks.

Nothing but good to report about the Koala. He’s been giving me once-in-a-while nights of eight-hour sleep. He’s been relating really well to his uncle, who’s in town. He went for his first ‘swim’ and took his first splash in the face like a champ.

And… he started laughing on Friday. It was a pool-side giggle brought on by some kind of daddy shenanigans. Then last night he went full-out belly laughing.

A friend of mine who had a baby a few weeks before me reached the laughing milestone a couple weeks ago. She said there is nothing like that. She’s completely right.

Smiling was amazing and it’s still amazing. But the first laughs… It’s never felt as good for a laugh to bring tears to my eyes.






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  1. Raizy Avatar

    Oh, that is so precious! Koala’s laugh made us all laugh too!

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