Life in snippets.

Time is going by cliche fast. You hear it and you hear it and then it happens to you. The Koala is nearly four months old. I’m nearly four months not-pregnant. The Koala smiles, laughs, plays. My maternity leave is over and I’m juggling work and baby.

I’ve slowed down with updates here, of course. Typing a post with one hand isn’t easy, and typing a post with only the left hand is even harder.

But alas.

That’s why I’ve been doing so much updating in snippets on a convenient and too-popular snippet-publishing website you probably know by another name.

So, in short (or 140 characters or less) here is a not-so-brief list of some of the thoughts that have been floating in between my ears of late:

awesome: being able to say “I’m hungry” and not have everyone make comments like, “Preggo!” “Oh, you’re so pregnant!” “Cravings!!!” Aug 12

just set up the bath one handed. this is going to be the first bath I give alone… but team smushcheeks can handle it. Aug 11th

rocks: when you get a new scale and find out you’ve really been a kilo less this whole time. perhaps every day we should buy a new scale. Aug 9th

if I may say so myself, I need my own kids’ tv show. yes, I am that good at making up songs. Aug 4th

baby is asleep. checking my Outlook at the kitchen table. welcome back to work, me. Aug 2nd

he laughs. he laughs! Aug 1st

last of the maternity clothes into storage. so when will my jeans not only fit in the morning but also after dinner? Jul 2nd

ok going to the dentist is officially worse than giving birth. Jul 1st

this one’s a kicker. always has been. Jun 30th

it’s almost creepy the way this baby and I operate on a totally biological, subconscious level. Jun 26th

he’s lickin’ me. Jun 25th

yes, I’d like to think he’s looking deep into my eyes, but really, I know the truth. he’s staring down my shirt.#boobobsessionstartsatbirth Jun 25th

sucks when you have a great feed and then he spits it all right back up. is that equal to ‘pumping and dumping’?#thanksbutnothanksmom Jun 25th

in a world like this, it feels lucky to be a mom with her son safe and sound. thinking of #gilad ‘s mom. Jun 25th

…let the drooling begin! #babydrooliscuteuntilyouredrowninginit Jun 24th

me + crackers + hunger+ baby bjorn + hairy head = sorry about the crumbs, kid. Jun 24th

so… I’m already loving his toys more than he does. Jun 22nd

hands free… good for baby, great for mommy.#preparingforshabbatjustgoteasierthanksbabybjorn Jun 19th

it’s like a hitchcock movie. you put him down in one spot and check on him later and he’s moved across the crib somehow… Jun 11th

here’s hoping for a better night tonight. so far it’s 2-0 since the great tomato tragedy and I’m getting my ass kicked. Jun 3rd

how do they know to poop RIGHT after you changed them? is it another infant reflex? Jun 2nd

can’t help but laugh when he seals his lips when done eating. it’s like, nope. not getting in there. Jun 2nd

ur a mom when, after almost running over a kitten, u look at ur newborn in the back & deal w/ pangs of guilt. soft, soft, soft. Jun 1st

it’s time. he’s five weeks old. it’s time to teach the boy about Billy Joel and the Rolling Stones. May 31st

breastfeeding on demand -> burnt quinoa. oh well. May 25th

four weeks old today! four weeks ago today I was doing… what??? from where??? May 24th

the definition of ‘weekend’ is now having two parents at home all day instead of one… which is a true vacation at this point. May 21st

being mom to a newborn is starting a salad an hour and a half ago and just now sitting down to it. every. day. May 19th

new reason for twitter: tracking my days with bebe so at the end I can recall what I did that day… they grow up so fast! May 11th

poop is the new black. May 10th



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  1. staying afloat Avatar

    I meant to come back and say hi, but you found me first. I’m enjoying your blog and your perspective. (I think I found you through SuperRaizy.)

    I don’t twitter, so this list was fun for me-really gives and accurate picture as a whole.

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