Petting zoo don'ts.

You know what’s always fun? Zoos.

We took Koala to Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo on erev Shavuot to meet the animals, just like Curious George in that version of the book where he pretty much gets rewarded for feeding the animals when he wasn’t supposed to and I never really understood that, considering you’re supposed to learn a lesson in kids’ books, aren’t you…


Going through the petting zoo, I couldn’t help notice this dad, his kids, the goats they were feeding, and his cigarette. Wait, what?

Seriously? Smoking, not only in the zoo, but in the petting zoo part? Where the baby animals and baby humans hang out?

Ah well. First time at a zoo with the bebe was fun, and I think most of all Koala enjoyed making noises and fitting in for it.



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