Signs of second life.

Differences between first and second pregnancy:

  • You’re fatter, earlier.
  • You know too much.
  • There’s already a kid in the picture, sucking up your time and energy (and probably your vitamin-intake, too).
  • A lot of second-time jokes (Double the fun! Back for more? Double trouble!)
  • For some reason I can’t pinpoint, it’s harder announcing it this time.

Ta da!

Before we go any further, I need to get this out so I can move on:

I don’t love the physical attention. I’m a private person and I don’t like my business growing on the outside where everyone can see. I like having secrets. I hate being observed belly-first when I walk in a room. I object to awkwardness of all types, and I must decline the requests to pat anything on my body.

There. Some reasons I can pinpoint why it’s harder this time.

Tonight I felt bebe #2 kick for the first time, so I thought it was high time to come on out about it. Little bebe #2, making yourself known. I’ve been waiting for you. I think you’ll make a good roommate these next months.

My unsuspecting Koala is going to be a big brother to this unsuspecting new-child.

Actually, Koala is definitely suspecting. Suspecting, and hitting my belly as often as he can.

Round 2 – ding ding ding!