This just made my aliyah.

I swear to the power that makes this universe run, this telephone conversation just happened (in Hebrew).

Note: This was the first time in nearly 7 years of aliyah that I have ever used the word מעולה on the phone to someone in a feedback survey of their customer service experience. 

“Hi! I’m calling from מרכז שירות נתן אקספרס. You recently had a tipul done for your Ford Focus.”


“We just wanted to know how the car is doing. Is it driving well? Is everything to your satisfaction?”

“Yes… you guys were great…”

“Good to hear. We’d like to hear your feedback on the experience.”

“Oh… sure. It went well. My husband was the one at the shop, and he said dealing with you guys was great. All in all, we were very pleased.”

“So glad to hear!”

“Actually, you were the first service we’ve used ever, since our last car was an Eldan lease. So, it was all really wonderful. Thanks.”

“Excellent. Be in touch if you have any questions or needs in the future.”

Yes, ma’am.

By the way, they gave us a free car wash with the bill for new brakes. Hey, if you’re gonna get ripped off, why not get a free car wash, too?

[Merkaz Natan Express specializes in Ford/Mazda, and is located on Derch Beit Lechem. Phone ’em at 02-6733538]


2 responses to “This just made my aliyah.”

  1. Abbi Avatar

    It’s always interesting to me how everyone I know who is told to get new brakes feels ripped off. Brakes do need to be replaced in cars! They do wear down, especially if you only drive in the city (lots of stop and start driving).

    Especially if you have kids (and even if you don’t) don’t you want your brakes to work when you need them? If the tipul cost between 800-1000 shekel (including brake replacement), you weren’t ripped off.

    1. elie Avatar

      Thanks Abbi. I paid way more than that… And as this was the first ever car tipul I’ve had to pay for here, I have no frame of reference… It’s definitely an exercise in experimentation. Or I have to marry a guy who happens to be a mechanic.

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