No-Bake Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie.

Oh no she didn’t…

Oh hell yes, she did. (And that’s why it had to be all caps in the title).

I ‘baked’ if by baking I mean did this amazing 10 minute thing just now:

Here’s the recipe, which I got from my friend Lisa who gets 3741083754 mitzvah points for feeding this to me and then inspiring me to do it.

My modifications: I added the dark chocolate chips after blending. Also, I didn’t find coconut oil so I did the extra peanut butter thing. It’s not in my fridge so I can’t tell you how it tastes yet. I have a feeling it will be divine.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie

(can be gluten and sugar-free)

*   1 cup peanut butter (230g)
*   3 medium bananas (300g)
*   2 tsp pure vanilla extract
*   1/8 tsp salt
*   1/4 cup virgin coconut oil, melted (Can sub with 1/4 cup extra pb; the texture will just change) (50g)
*   3-4 tbsp powdered sugar

Blend everything together very, very well. Pour into a prepared pie crust and freeze until firm. (If not using the coconut oil, just chill in the fridge instead.)

Pie should be kept cold; keep it in the freezer. Just thaw before eating, and the mousse-like texture will come right back!

[Found the original: Chocolate Covered Katie. Amazing, godly, Katie. If you want some additional substitutes, etc, check it out.]

The time Bibi addressed the UN General Assembly in his kindergarten voice.

Because Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pretty much gave the world a deadline extension, and we’re probably going to have to bomb Iran enrichment facilities in April 2013 (wanna come for Pesach?) I’m going to skip the seriousness of the dire warmongering situation here at the UN General Assembly 2012 and instead enjoy some relaxing tweets and bomb diagrams.

And really, where would we all be if Bibi wasn’t around to show us how to draw red lines? Wherever we’ll be this time next year if, well, Bibi doesn’t show us how to draw red lines.

So I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised Bibi had to resort to his kindergarten teacher voice in order to explain. very. slowly. and. carefully. what. might. happen. if. Iran. ok, you get it.

Thank GOD @HarryR got a screenshot, because the RoadRunner bit happened so fast we all might have missed it:

And with that – LET THE MEMES BEGIN!

Real time conversation while watching – just before he pulls out the bomb chart:

I laughed out loud twice for this one (thanks @aseitzwald):

And @ZNovetsky gets a snort:

Coincedence that this tweet came out during the speech? (Or actually happened on this date during WWII, as the @RealTimeWWII twitter account goes?)

Speaking of, ouch. Fox considers itself a friend of Israel? (via @ZNovetsky again)

And then I finally figured it out…

Thankfully, @AviMayer shared the breaking news we had been sorta expecting:

And, a serious one, just because… it is serious.


Shuffling through the IDF [VIDEO]

So I’m unabashedly obsessed with this as of… 11am this morning.

At the end of March 2012, Ron Bronstein enlisted in the IDF (I’m assuming as a shlav bet oleh deal) and documented the experience of going from civilian to soldier to, I guess, civilian again by shufflin’ his way through it.

Love the support-despite-the-wtf of the other soldiers.

Every day we’re… shufflin’ through the IDF:

P.S. This is making me feel mad old.

DIY craft hack: Turn DVD cases into kids’ travel coloring kits

It was time, folks. It was long time. To empty all the kids’ DVDs from their bulky plastic cases and… well, for lack of a better idea, throw them into a drawer under the TV.

But the cases… oh the thousands of cases…

Ok, it was about 25. But still! So much plastic. Which I wasn’t sure they’d recycle here.

So I did a quick search and found Stacy! Who figured out a crafty way to handle such resources!

Thing is, Stacy is pretty awesome and managed to make a really pretty version of what I did below – a DVD case-inspired colored pencils kit. Check out her site for the proper step-by-step if you’d like to do the project elegantly, with grace.

But if you’re a sloppy, messy hack like me, here’s how you do it in 30 minutes or less:

Hack together Create your own DVD case-turned travel coloring kit

1. Pick the right DVD case and slice it up

I can’t be trusted with a box cutter. It’s just how it is. So the huz did the knifing to cut out the disk part of the case.

The point is to create a flat surface for a background.

Pro tip: Choose a DVD case where the edge of the raised disk holder part isn’t touching the clasp for the case. You still want the case to shut properly when you’re done.

2. Create the new background, with pocket

I took a thin piece of cardboard – actually, the bottom of a gift box – and cut it to fit into the now hollow back of the DVD case.

To create a pocket, because I’m lazy and was not going to figure out the whole fabric thing, I cut the sleeve off an old t-shirt and cut it, wrapping it around the front and then gluing it at the back. Then I glued the whole cardboard piece to the back of the DVD case.

Pro tip: The DVD cases come with a plastic cover over the outsides, where the DVD cover art is slipped in. You can easily remove it, flip it over, and decorate the front yourself (see step 3). So when you’re gluing the cardboard to the back, put something between the plastic sheet and the gaping DVD hole so glue doesn’t stain the sheet.

3. Decorate the outside of the case

I stuck puffy letters onto the back of the original DVD cover art (mwahaha Dora!). Granted, I skimped here a bit, but I had already put in a couple hours (it’s 30 minutes if you’re not easily distracted).

Voila! Shreds-of-paper-and-t-shirt-bits-everywhere later, and I created a travel coloring kit for my kids to fight over while we’re at restaurants!

Don’t you love those handy clips on the left for keeping paper inside?

Looking back, it was a cute messy project, but I wouldn’t do it again. I’m wondering if there are other DVD case inspired projects I could try.

Or if I can manage to stuff all these cases in the circular openings of the plastic-recycling cages.


Fifty-Two Frames: Shapes

An ode to changing seasons… to ending chapters… to remembering the moment I realized, on a beach in Tel Aviv, among the curvy women, the chubby women, the skinny women, the older women, the speedo-ed men – that I, too, can wear a skimpy bathing suit, and frankly dears, no one gives a damn.

Unless I’ve had two kids and I’m just not ready to go back there yet.

Week 38: Shapes

Dear tiny triangles of my youth… tis not good bye, it’s see you later…

[Samsung Galaxy SIII]

Fifty-Two Frames: Kissing.

Last week, my legally-contracted partner, shareholder and roommate did the opposite of what I just did and displayed his romantic side by treating ourselves to a relaxing, delicious, fun and kid-less overnight in Herzliya.

We got to enjoy the beach on our terms and also take the opportunity to overcome last week’s Fifty-Two Frames theme, which I was at a total loss for until the opportunity arose…

Week 37: Kissing