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  • Learn Hebrew online for free, visit your Israeli grandchildren.

    If Learn to read in Hebrew for free wasn’t enough for you, here’s something better… Struggling to learn even minimal Hebrew to get by on a visit to Israel? Or even just to get past security at the airport? Saw this posted on Facebook, had to share: Learn Hebrew phrases with Audio It’s a free website […]

  • Fadichot leaking all over the place.

    Every other week or so when I pick up Koala from his gan, his ganenet passes me the pants I dressed him in that day and I look down and see him wearing the poofy red replacement pants we keep there. Always with the same explanation: “He leaked again so we changed him…” I guess […]

  • Immigrant parenting fail.

    Ok, maybe I don’t exactly fail yet. But I’m headed in that direction. I attended an event tonight for the ‘gan mothers’ for which I had to push myself to go, and, not surprisingly, a room full of women + socializing + not knowing anyone + doing it in Hebrew is a mess of a […]

  • Bo, mama.

    I  may correct your Hebrew now, but sometime in the future – possibly the near future – you will be correcting mine.

  • Today’s moment of Zen.

    I said to Koala: “Are you a קוף?” And he looked at me and… coughed.

  • What have I done?

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t freaked. Though the truth is it’s only starting to dawn on me how awe-some and terrifying it is. I’m beginning to comprehend what I’ve done. It really is dawning; first the expectation of the rise, and then the initial tips of the rays. Pretty soon I think […]

  • Two mothers.

    My mother is a split personality. As long as I’ve known her, this has been the case. She can speak two languages fluently: her mother tongue, English, a language that rolls off her tongue like rain dripping down a car window in the summer; and Hebrew, a language she has been tripping over since they […]

  • Guess he drinks more at gan.

    My baby woke up last night in pain from teething. We gave him his motzetz, his blankie, Acamol, but what he finally ended up calling out for, through his sad, sad baby tears, was… “!מים! מים” Huz and I looked at each other as he mouthed to me in surprise, ‘mayim?!’ It’s not Koala’s first […]

  • Whoa, we get the point.

    Ok, Hebrew-English dictionary. We get it. You have the definition of קוֹקְסִינֶל: This message is brought to you by: Shira, in association with the Morfix Dictionary or מילון מורפיקס, a Hebrew-English online dictionary that is super-passionate about your translation needs.

  • Hebrew vocabulary for new parents (הורים).

    I’ll soon be coming on five years of Israelihood, and of course every day I’ve added new academic and obscure Hebrew to my arsenal. But expanding vocabulary is more than just learning new words; it’s about knowing what even the most familiar words mean in new contexts. For instance: being a mom. Here is part of […]

  • Birthing in Hebrew.

    I always thought when it came to my childbirth experience here in Israel, I’d end up automatically speaking, pleading and moaning in my native tongue. Despite Israeli hospital staff. I figured they probably get that all the time, and who doesn’t speak English in the medical field? Well… it didn’t happen that way. I birthed […]

  • A White House of thunder and lightning.

    I’m sure someone already realized this and mentioned it… but… I learned today that with Barack Obama in the White House, and Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, the Americans will be led by… thunder (רעם – Rahm) and lightning (ברק – Barack). Hmm.