Brand new Bamba for the same old Sabra.

Last week someone introduced me to a brand new concept for the makers of a very old concept:

Nougat cream filled-Bamba.

Bamba has been around for decades, having been created by Israelis for Israelis. I suppose that’s why its maker, Osem, decided to issue a brand-new flavor around the time of Israel’s 60th birthday.

It’s actually really really awesome (Osem?) and I would suggest trying it out. I’m not much of a Bamba eater on a regular basis but once in a while, a little taste of primitive Israel is nice.

Here are a few facts about Bamba:

  • Osem created strawberry flavored Bamba, shaped as spheres, a few years back.
  • The snack has survived since 1963 with no decline in sales.
  • It contains no cholesterol, food coloring or preservatives.
  • Remember when I had a dog? She really liked Bamba.






3 responses to “Brand new Bamba for the same old Sabra.”

  1. Charles Avatar

    If I’m in the US, is there anyway I can purchase this chocolate bamba?

  2. Helen Avatar

    I recently went to israeland got addicted to this bamba. Now im back in the UK and have run out! does any one know where i can buy them from either in the UK or online? Thanks

  3. weini Avatar

    hey, i can send you. i love bamba too

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