To the pain.

It’s been six months… do you know where your gall bladder is?

These days, I’m nostalgic for the time in my life when I didn’t think the gall bladder was a real organ, just a body part for use in a humorous rant.

Apparently not. It’s a real organ, like the rest of my organs which are getting tangled and squished inside my rib cage as the belly tenant continues to grow. 

Ah, yes, the pain… from my mid-back around to just about my rib cage. Someone asked me if I’m taking medication for it. I’ve never been one to medicate pain. It’s always been something I thought was important to experience, to know its source, where it resides and when it’s there and when it’s not.  

I guess that goes for physical ailments and emotional traumas, national woes and personal plight.






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  1. Alan Avatar

    nice princess bride reference!

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