Preggo thoughts at 5:30 am.

Life lesson learned: a well-fed third trimester preggo is a well-rested third trimester preggo. 

Unfortunately, I am not always good at being well-fed before bedtime. Which is why I’m up at 5:30 am feverishly munching on cereal and drinking lemonade. Perhaps I would have learned after the first time it happened. 

I’m not a fan of the force-feeding. I hate to tell people that because the response is usually, “Oh my god, you get to eat whatever you want because you have the best excuse!” Eh. It’s a lot of hype, I say. At least in my case. I’ve had no cravings, yet then again, I’ve been taking my vitamins religiously (well, maybe not religiously, that would mean I’m always late for shul or lazy about halachic details… ok, fine, maybe religiously). I eat small amounts constantly throughout the day. I’m rarely famished. And so yes, it makes it hard to force-feed myself. 

Actually, there are a lot of things I hate to tell people. Sometimes it seems people are looking for me to complain about how I feel or about my body. Maybe they are looking for comfort in the cliches. Sorry, I’m just not going to do it, not to you (but thanks for asking). Do you really want to hear the laundry list of complaints by a pregnant woman? And even if you do, because you really care, well… I’m not a complainer. Complaining would just be a constant reminder of how much my back hurts, of how I need to pee right now, of how there is some very unhappy organ on the right side of my chest that I cannot identify (but boy are we going to have a chat when it’s all over)… See? It’s very unnecessary to bitch about it to anyone who asks. And besides – I really don’t mind it that much. I really don’t. 

Also, is it not weird that this month of March is absolutely insane this year? There are an incredible amount of (non-pregnant) things going on for me in the next two to three weeks to the point where if I was a non-pregnant me I’d still be exhausted. How did that happen? Very much looking forward to April when things are calmer and I’m four+ weeks away from the Madness. I plan on hibernating in April, perhaps to the disappointment of many folks who I know would love to hang out but I think the belly tenant and my relationship with breathing  just have to come first at that point. 

Well, anyway. My back is watching the sun rise and I think I can get in a few zzz’s if I try again. I’m sure me and the sunrise have plenty of playdates ahead of us and I don’t want to get acquainted too early; it’ll spoil the fun.







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