Usually not big on excuses, but…

I felt pretty bad about canceling my physio appointment this morning after waiting over two months since I first booked it with my kuppah. I felt worse for the people who are still waiting for their appointments  more than I felt bad for myself. I thought I’d get chewed out by the receptionist when I called to cancel (yes, I have that decency to call and cancel even an hour before the appointment; maybe there is a waiting list…).

No need to worry though. She grumpily said that she doesn’t know when she can make me a new appointment and then asked why I needed it in the first place. I planned to say, “I’m pregnant and don’t feel well today and I live outside Jerusalem and I’m sorry and I know this isn’t nice of me…” but as soon as I said “I’m pregnant” she went all Israeli high-pitched and said, “Ooooh! Well, feel good then! Ok… B’sha’a tova. Be well.”

Gotta take more advantage of that with less than two months left.







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  1. mother in israel Avatar

    Babies do just as well for excuses, and for longer. Then there’s, “I have small children.” Worked for me, but my youngest is 5 now. I’ll have to think of a new one.

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