Weddings and pregnancy: cans and can'ts.

I learned something new last night at the wedding of two friends. I’ve been to three weddings while pregnant. The last time I had been at a wedding was when I was about a month or so  pregnant and before that I was just post-pregnancy test. Last night I was eight months or so pregnant. These experiences have been completely different. 

First of all, it’s nice to actually enjoy the food. That is a plus at being this much pregnant at a wedding. Then again, at the early point of a week pregnant I could enjoy a guilt-free glass of white wine more easily than I would now. Either way, not being able to get alcohol-giddy at a wedding is something I miss.

Another pro to being late-stage pregnant is that people know you’re pregnant… In that first wedding, when I didn’t have the designated driver excuse, I had drinks shoved at me here and there. Fortunately my adrenaline kept me moving and covered up my sober state.  

Then there is this sad fact: heavily pregnant women can’t dance. Some do try and look terribley awkward for it (myself included). I just didn’t realize this to be the case until yesterday. I discovered that, despite carrying all in the front in a ‘compact belly’ as a midwife once called it, the baby package manages to get in the way (tip: dance on your partner’s feet).

I’m  not tired of being pregnant but I do miss dancing and drinking… I do miss enjoying a wedding to its fullest.






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