Hebrew vocabulary for new parents (הורים).

I’ll soon be coming on five years of Israelihood, and of course every day I’ve added new academic and obscure Hebrew to my arsenal. But expanding vocabulary is more than just learning new words; it’s about knowing what even the most familiar words mean in new contexts.

For instance: being a mom.

Here is part of a growing list:

לידה – birth: a new life is born, an older life is freakin exhausted.

טיטול – disposable diaper: the only carbon footprint you don’t give a crap about.

מטפלת – nanny: the ‘other’ woman.

פרות – fruits: what your nanny loves to feed your kid by the bucketful.

עצירות – constipation: what happens to your kid after a bucketful of fruit.

שלשול – diarrhea: what happens to your kid after a bucketful of fruit.

רוק – drool: nature’s toy disinfectant.

שיניים – teeth: cute little pearls of evil.

אמא – momma: a name by which I am automatically able to make tears dry, monsters disappear, and someday buy Rated R movie tickets for my 15-year-old.



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