By the power of Kanye… (Nike Night Run 2012)

So I’ve run full circle; last year, at this time, my two colleagues were raving about how awesome the Nike Night Run in Tel Aviv was. I was curious and jealous and looking for a personal fitness program so I started running.

The first 10k I could do was the Jerusalem Night Run. Then I did the Tel Aviv Gillette Marathon‘s 10k track. And last night I finally got to do the Nike.

I invoked the power of expectation management since a big downside to these giant public runs in Tel Aviv is the crowd; a lot of didging out of the way, passing through clusters, and avoiding being pushed or knocked over. So I didn’t think I’d beat my personal best which was 10k in 65 minutes (as of last Saturday night).

But there’s something about the adrenaline mixed with actually drawing inspiration from the crowd – I made it across the finish line in 62 minutes!

Thanks goes out to Kanye, who, (don’t interrupt me now) of all people on my running playlist (I like to run to rap apparently, and also rap to running) pushed me to speed up for the last 2.5 kilometers, when I realized I could crush my old personal record.

Now I’m debating going for a half marathon (22.1 km) in March, at the next major Tel Aviv marathon event. We shall see.


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