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  • Signs of second life.

    Differences between first and second pregnancy: You’re fatter, earlier. You know too much. There’s already a kid in the picture, sucking up your time and energy (and probably your vitamin-intake, too). A lot of second-time jokes (Double the fun! Back for more? Double trouble!) For some reason I can’t pinpoint, it’s harder announcing it this […]

  • Koala update: Eighteen months.

    “The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe.” (Lawrence Kutner) I think something clicked when I left town for a workweek and Koala realized I didn’t 110% revolve around his teeny-tiny universe. Well, aside from the fact that a year-and-a-half is a fine age to turn up the heat on acting out… […]

  • Koala update: Seventeen months.

    Koala, For a while now, I feel like I can talk to you. Mainly because, not only do you understand, you talk back. Two things I can’t help noticing this month: you’re awfully clever and you’re very social. I’m thinking the first one must be some influence from your recently oleh-d uncle, though your shenanigans have been […]

  • Koala update: Sixteen months.

    Let’s talk about… monsters. As we have surely learned in the past sixteen months, monsters come in all shapes and sizes, colors and lengths of fur. Some are red and high pitched; others are blue and love to eat cookies. Monsters have a grizzly, mean side. They roar when they’re angry, turn red with frustration, […]

  • Koala update: Twelve months.

    The year is here. Some kind of ultimate milestone. Profundity escapes me. I’m just impressed I’m still around, sane enough to tell the tale… Starting with today – the first birthday. Since the birth-day. Vaccines aside, I’m fairly certain by the evidence that Koala enjoyed what I call a ‘naked cake grab’ at dinner time. There’s […]

  • Flying solo.

    I’m scheduled to take a quickie business trip to New York this week – sans bebe and not pregnant, which makes it the first time that’s happened in two years. Fun fact: I’ve taken 5 of those kinds of trips to the States since summer of 2008. Here is a list I compiled of all the […]

  • You know you share your bathroom with a baby when…

    Not that I mind.

  • Koala update: Eleven months.

    We’re nearing a year and look at that, I have time to update (barely). I also have a lot of flashbacks about what this time last year was like. Childless, calm and well-rested. Ah, memories. Informal poll: Is my sabra the only one to have ‘todah’ (thank you) be his first functional word? Just wondering […]

  • Conversation peace.

    So on Thursday, from 2 am Israel time to 5:30 pm New York time (with a 2-hour stop in Geneva), I experienced the worst trans Atlantic flight ever. Koala was a wreck. This is a boy who, when overtired, refuses to make that better by actually sleeping. Ah, yes, all kids do that, you may […]

  • Motherhood inferiority complex.

    More than once I’ve been told I’m a pretty laid-back first-time mom. I think when I got pregnant, I became so overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of what I was about to do and I kinda just let go of trying to even attempt to control the situation. I’ve just been able to take one […]

  • Koala update: Ten months.

    Koala is ten months old and both his life and mine are starting to fall into place. While Koala does not sleep through the night at this point, he does have a bedtime and he does collapse into it every night, for which I’m grateful. Having a routine is not one of my fortes, but […]

  • Koala update: Nine months.

    At this point, the growing happens behind my back or out of the corner of my eye… I have to catch it when I can. Kind of like I’ve had to do since Koala discovered the stairs two weeks ago. From the kitchen, I can suddenly turn around and see that Koala is reaching under […]