Anglo love, support & perspective.

Hmm. I have been harsher than usual to my sub-people, the Anglo Israelis.To make up for it, I'm posting a comment made to my Jumping in post on the Israelity edition. I've been getting support and perspective from different sources since that post... But this one totally threw me off:"Be proud that English is your... Continue Reading →

On lacking style… American style.

The (typically quiet) religious Ethiopian Israeli girl in my class was up for talking about her thesis topic and getting suggestions. She began to describe her topic, having to do with religious authorities in Israel discriminating against religious Jewish Ethiopian practices. One student in the class, a (typically argumentative) Ashkenazi secular guy, offered some information... Continue Reading →

Anglos, Anglos, everywhere.

Is it a coincidence that every semester so far, all of my professors have been originally Anglo except one? Is it strange that I'm always watching them differently than my peers - searching for clues for successful aliyah?

The evils of kugel – who knew?

Apparently, people are unsure whether this is a joke or not:Hmm... I'm glad there are people out there worried enough about the evils of traditional Shabbat foods to hunt them down and make them assur...A quick explanation -It's a notice hung up somewhere about how Yerushalmi kugel is now considered forbidden for your eating pleasure... Continue Reading →

The deal with the flip flops.

"I guess you didn't get the memo.""What memo?""That it's raining."Oh.I am not going to apologize for wearing flip flops in the rain. Or the cold. I just have a hard time keeping my feet locked up in shoes (or worse - socks).Does that make me crazy? Does that make me a hippie? Or closed-toe-a-phobic?Maybe all... Continue Reading →

Reverse Starbucks.

I know this is old news, but nonetheless, I'm curious how the (newish) branch of Aroma, the Israeli coffee shop chain, is doing.They pulled a reverse Starbucks in July, importing Israeli coffee to New York (coffee capital of the world? Maybe coffee per capita).Location: Wooster Street, in NYC's SOHO neighborhood.

Winter's a-comin'.

Opened the window today, and there it was - the first air, the first gust of that fresh, crisp burst of cold. I love the first breeze of a new season.Note: In two weeks, when it's damp and miserable and I'm complaining, don't remind me of this.

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