The ‘Ima’ mystery, solved.

Recently I noted that Koala picked up on the fact that Ima = mama. And when I go and get him at the gan, he runs up to me with his big hug and says, Ima! like all the other kids.

But since the week started, it became apparent that Ima has another expressive use for him. And for the life of us, we couldn’t figure out what it meant. Koala has been yelling Ima! Ima! Ima! as loud as he can, while appearing to be looking for something – when I’m standing right there.

So it became clear to me that it must have another meaning for him, but what?

Then yesterday I got it: He hears the other kids in gan call out Ima when they are angry or sad or upset or impatient… So I think he thinks you just yell it when your angry or sad or upset or impatient…

And, let’s face it, he’s not too far off.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

Hey, littler one.

My midwife says you’re ready to roll. Or squeeze yourself out of my body, whatever. She also says I’m ready. So I guess that means this is it, huh?

Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to meeting you. So is your big brother, though I apologize in advance if things are a little bumpy at first on that front. It’s only natural, as I suppose we all find out having siblings.

Last time, after giving birth to Koala, the thing I missed the most about pregnancy was being so close to him all the time. Feeling him moving, doing his thing. I think I will miss that most about pregnancy with you, too.

This time has been so much easier in so many ways – and gone by faster. I actually feel a bit guilty about already not having the same kind of time and attention I had the first time around. But that’s the way it goes, right? One day I hope you’ll understand it. Better my kids should have siblings, I think.

So… thanks for being so calm and easy so far. I appreciate the support. And let’s make the exit strategy a simple one: get out in one piece, and leave me in one piece. Then we’ll really let the fun begin…

Can’t wait.



Symbolic? Prophetic? Or just reality?

Or is that realty…

Is it not a little telling when the little עץ האושר you were given as a housewarming present 3+ years ago falters and withers the week you pass along the first bank check from the mortgage?

Here’s hoping a little water will revive the אושר. It’s definitely not going to revive the עושר, though.

Koala update: Twenty three months.

Well, this is it, Koala. The last update before you become a big brother, assuming all goes as planned.

I can’t believe it’s been two years. I can’t believe it’s only been two years. And now your whole life is going to be turned upside-down.

And you’ll be even more awesome for it, I promise.

I know you’re as ready as you can be. We’ve been prepping you, and I’m pretty sure gan has been too; I sure didn’t teach you to crumple up your bib, gently take it in your arms, rock it, and say over and over again, “boobah… boobah…”

But we’ve been doing other things. Like introducing you to the ‘bebe’ in mama’s belly. Or encouraging you to feed, share, and care for your own bebe doll.  And you really do.

I love the mornings when, even before you request your ‘bilk’ you point to your water bottle and direct it towards bebe. Or insist on giving her some of your chocolate, your blankie, or even your motzetz.

It’ll be challenging, sweets. For both of us. But we’ll be fine. And I know that you’ll be there for me when I’m having new mother moments of doubt and fear.

Or maybe I won’t have them this time, since it seems in two years I’ve managed to do a pretty o.k. job.

That was fast.

I thought it would be a couple more years before this happened, but here we are at a month shy of two: Koala came home from gan today calling me אמא (Ima).

He’s been calling me Mama this whole time, and maybe I prompted this myself; last night out of the blue I asked him, ‘Mi zot Ima?’ and he answered, ‘Mama.’

I don’t blame him; when all us mommies come to the door to get the kids from gan, all the kids run over and shout through it, Ima! Ima! in a little chorus. Except my little Anglo Koala who can be heard a little more quietly from the back – Mama!

But I guess not anymore.


Purim roundup.

Purim is a different kind of fun with a kid. I don’t think mine’s old enough to be the truly fun kind of kid fun, but we’re getting there.

It’s also super-exhausting, although that might have to do with the second baby I’m carrying around.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • We got through most of megillah with him, and he didn’t even freak out at the Haman craziness. Which makes it the first year! (including prenatally).
  • My gratitude to the two jolly Arab petrol station attendants who gave my whiny boy a ra’ashan on the house today.
  • We did seudah with a friend of Koala’s from gan. It’s extra-fun to see him playing with a kid he knows and likes on a daily basis.
  • It’s also fun to learn how much more Hebrew he actually knows than what we hear.
  • He’s not a fan of dressing up too much; but we’ll get there with age I suppose. He stuck to the bunny pajamas for the duration of Purim (as opposed to several other costumes I had on hand). But he likes the make up aspect, so it’s a start.