The ‘Ima’ mystery, solved.

Recently I noted that Koala picked up on the fact that Ima = mama. And when I go and get him at the gan, he runs up to me with his big hug and says, Ima! like all the other kids. But since the week started, it became apparent that Ima has another expressive use... Continue Reading →

We’ve come a long way, baby.

Hey, littler one. My midwife says you're ready to roll. Or squeeze yourself out of my body, whatever. She also says I'm ready. So I guess that means this is it, huh? Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to meeting you. So is your big brother, though I apologize in advance if things are... Continue Reading →

Symbolic? Prophetic? Or just reality?

Or is that realty... Is it not a little telling when the little עץ האושר you were given as a housewarming present 3+ years ago falters and withers the week you pass along the first bank check from the mortgage? Here's hoping a little water will revive the אושר. It's definitely not going to revive... Continue Reading →

You know you’re a veteran when…

You know you've been in Israel a while when you can remember when chumus prices ranged from 8-10 NIS for that giant kilo tub. Nowadays, you feel completely lost (and old) when you see it for 15 shekel at the cheap supermarket. When I was your age...

Koala update: Twenty three months.

Well, this is it, Koala. The last update before you become a big brother, assuming all goes as planned. I can't believe it's been two years. I can't believe it's only been two years. And now your whole life is going to be turned upside-down. And you'll be even more awesome for it, I promise.... Continue Reading →

That was fast.

I thought it would be a couple more years before this happened, but here we are at a month shy of two: Koala came home from gan today calling me אמא (Ima). He's been calling me Mama this whole time, and maybe I prompted this myself; last night out of the blue I asked him,... Continue Reading →

Purim roundup.

Purim is a different kind of fun with a kid. I don't think mine's old enough to be the truly fun kind of kid fun, but we're getting there. It's also super-exhausting, although that might have to do with the second baby I'm carrying around. Here are some of the highlights: We got through most... Continue Reading →

Banking on Purim.

Here's what it's like for Abba and Mama to sign a whole fuck-ton of mortgage papers at the bank on Purim... through the eyes of a nearly two-year-old cookie lover: Koala became very concerned at the whereabouts of our Minnie Mouse-attired bank rep whenever she got up to copy documents. Today has seen a lot... Continue Reading →

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